To me, Criticality is all about identifying problems, bringing them to life, and creating a piece of work in response to it. In Graphic Design, designers tend to design something for a client without regarding the impact that their work has after they are finished, Criticality deals with issues after the design is made. Rather than trying to solve problems that clients have with our designs, Criticality is finding problems that already exist, and rather than trying to solve them, it is about awareness. 

I chose to produce an outcome on the theme of Stereotypes surrounding different music genres. I chose this theme because I didn’t agree with the stereotypes that were created and wanted to prove them wrong. I created a children's toy, best known as a dress-up doll as my target audience was children aging between 8-15 as this group of people is most likely to be influenced by peers. The toy would come with a doll that the child can dress like themselves and hopefully, will use clothing from each genre, proving that the stereotypes are wrong. The genres that I represented were Pop, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and Heavy Metal.